The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in THREE WEEKS. If you have been paying attention, this was not a complete surprise. While the Cubs run into October 2015 may have been ahead of schedule and caught some fans off-guard, it was clear that the team would soon be a force to be […]

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Believe it or not, the “Long Beach” blog still exists. I was enjoying a winter hibernation, or perhaps was struggling through a bout of laziness. Maybe there was nothing to write about or it was challenging to put thoughts to paper. It’s possible that I actually had other things to do rather than update this […]

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I went to the grocery store yesterday. The day after the Super Bowl should have been quiet. Monday is supposed to be the worst day to go shopping. It’s the day after previous promotions have expired and before the shelves have been restocked with fresh goods. My list was short and contained many similar items I’d […]

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The California lifestyle is one of leisure and is permanently sunshine-filled. Almost every morning begins with cloud cover or foggy haze, but is soon followed with abundant West Coast warmth. Much time has been spent discussing the current prolonged drought and policies have been proposed to solve the water shortage. Any instance of rain has been […]

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It is easy to find and stay in a routine during the work week. Each day I cuss out my alarm and stumble down the hardwood-floored hallway into the kitchen and determine if there is anything (breakfast) edible. I’ll shower and get ready and dash down the stairs and into the garage and fight other commuters en […]

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One of my best (worst?) obsessive habits is keeping a calendar. I’m on my Google calendar all day on my work computer and often check the synced version on my phone. It keeps me organized, though not typically punctual. Just because I know where I am supposed to be and what time to be there […]

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