Much has been said and written about California car culture, specifically Los Angeles. Drive-in restaurants thrive and motorists are encouraged to roll up and down the coast on PCH. Lowriders dominate urban pockets of the city, while neighborhoods in the hills are littered with luxury vehicles. There is even a certain vernacular required to describe […]

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Don’t call it a comeback. Long Beach From Home has RETURNED after a long hiatus. I know the tens of people (family) who read this blog has anxiously awaited this entry. I never went away, I just ran out of things to say. This project started as a chronicle of my move from suburban Chicago […]

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It has been two years (!!) since I packed up my Chicago suburban condo for a new life near the sun-splashed beaches of California. It is amazing to consider how quickly time has passed by and how much has changed since I left home. The Blackhawks won another Stanley Cup in my first year here, […]

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Sometimes it is easy to put off grocery shopping in favor of dining out. And maybe you are going out-of-town for a night or two and don’t want food to spoil at the house. Perhaps there is no motivation to actually prepare the goods on-hand and craft a home-cooked meal. For whatever reason, the grocery […]

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I endured a juice cleanse the other day, thinking my body needed to be zapped from the inside-out. Believe it or not, one day of drinking six carefully prepared juices does not correct the previous months of punishment administered by brown liquor and Neapolitan pizza. I would attempt the cleanse again, and recommend you do the […]

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The most recent entry on LONG BEACH teased the idea of a forthcoming post, where I would share more than simply “whattya been up to?” and that is still coming, if and when I can gather the required fortitude and self-editing to load something online. In the meantime, May really is an especially great month, made even better […]

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April is an underrated candidate for best month of the year. It begins with the end of March Madness and Masters Weekend. Opening Day of the baseball season means fans across the nation can dream on their squad participating in the World Series and a summer spent sipping beers at the ballpark. The NBA and NHL […]

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