It is mid-August, the best time to think about back-to-school shopping, complain about the sweltering summer heat, or dream of what event you may have excelled as an Olympian. But it’s also a good time to share What You Did Last Summer, specifically during 4th of July Weekend. Every day in California is filled with warm […]

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I was late for work on Wednesday. I remember because it was only a week ago and I was tired and I slid my phone alarm to OFF rather than SNOOZE. Catching a few extra minutes of sleep is my favorite new habit in California, something I never practiced before moving. I woke up Wednesday in […]

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“Are you still writing…?” I was surprised to be asked after a long day spent with guests whether or not the LONG BEACH blog was still functional. Most entries have been recaps of where I went to eat or drink or golf, or some story of frustratingly aimless adventure. I do not believe my corner of […]

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Happy Monday. Welcome back to the reality of the work week following an epic patriotic weekend. I’ll use this space to summarize a brief trip home to Chicago. But first, let me check the Metra website to verify if the trains are running on the Saturday or Holiday schedule for Fourth of July… “If you don’t know where […]

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It has been filibustered here plenty, but the most attractive aspect about living in California is knowing everything is new and enjoying each discovery. Perhaps too often, I have tried too hard to unearth something unique where I have gone out of my way to make a new experience rather than enjoy one of my few knowns. There have been […]

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Reviewing the year that was is a popular and trendy thing to do. And based on Facebook, it seems like everyone had a pretty good year. My 2014 offered plenty of happenings and friendships and travel, and opened the door to what is sure to be a memorable life experience. I know that California will have […]

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Did you miss me? I mean, did you miss the blog? Where I usually fill this space with update minutiae of my last few days in California? Or did you miss me when I visited Chicago for Christmas? Or did you miss me when I returned to Long Beach to close out 2014? Thanks to […]

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