“Keep your left arm straight…” “Avoid the creek running down the right side of the fairway…” “How did I three-putt from twelve feet last hole…?!” “Is the beverage cart EVER going to circle back…?” Golf is a mental game and the only outlet to maintain any level of competitiveness now that I am an old, […]

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It is mid-August, the best time to think about back-to-school shopping, complain about the sweltering summer heat, or dream of what event you may have excelled as an Olympian. But it’s also a good time to share What You Did Last Summer, specifically during 4th of July Weekend. Every day in California is filled with warm […]

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April is an underrated candidate for best month of the year. It begins with the end of March Madness and Masters Weekend. Opening Day of the baseball season means fans across the nation can dream on their squad participating in the World Series and a summer spent sipping beers at the ballpark. The NBA and NHL […]

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(RE-POST FROM JEANS & TIES) With the Masters set to tee off in Augusta, here’s a look at a few golf lifestyle brands putting out quality apparel to wear both on and off the course.  For someone who doesn’t get to play but maybe 3-5 rounds a year these days, I still love the game […]

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The second weekend in October was circled for months. It was another trip to look forward to. Another “visit” from my parents to the West Coast. The word visit is used loosely since my folks’ flight wouldn’t make it all the way to Los Angeles; The plane would instead land in Las Vegas, where I would drive […]

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I expected to write another entry in this space on Thursday, but instead was distracted by the cocktail menu at Cinco. Fridays are usually low-key and allow for creativity, but I was zonked-out tired and lacking inspiration to craft further prose. Saturday would have been another good chance to put pen to paper, but instead I […]

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It has been filibustered here plenty, but the most attractive aspect about living in California is knowing everything is new and enjoying each discovery. Perhaps too often, I have tried too hard to unearth something unique where I have gone out of my way to make a new experience rather than enjoy one of my few knowns. There have been […]

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