The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in THREE WEEKS. If you have been paying attention, this was not a complete surprise. While the Cubs run into October 2015 may have been ahead of schedule and caught some fans off-guard, it was clear that the team would soon be a force to be […]

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It is mid-August, the best time to think about back-to-school shopping, complain about the sweltering summer heat, or dream of¬†what event you may have excelled as an Olympian. But it’s also a good time to share What You Did Last Summer, specifically during 4th of July Weekend. Every day in California is filled with warm […]

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Nearly¬†every entry in this space has been a recap of a¬†previous weekend or sentimental look back upon moving westward. For the handful of folks that actually choose to read the words on this page, learning about where I ate tacos or listening to my complaints about year-round golf privileges or viewing repetitive photos of California […]

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This space has been left in the wilderness while other, perhaps more important things, have usurped its spot in the¬†routine. Work has typically been a place where I am able to keep focused, keep my head down, and keep crossing days off on the calendar. For most of August however, it has been a source […]

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Mondays have this rotten reputation for being the worst day of the work week. DON’T TALK TO ME UNTIL I’VE HAD MY COFFEE. I’m still recovering from my weekend bender or holiday vacation or lousy round of golf… Or something like that. But Mondays never bothered me more than any other day. It might take […]

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Recent episodes of the Long Beach blog have been somewhat open-ended, inviting curiosity of what happened next. Certainly there isn’t anything overly exciting to be written here, but I should at least put a period on the end of those sentences and follow through on the promise of completing each scenario. The most recent entry […]

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Happy Monday. Welcome back to the reality of the work week¬†following an epic patriotic weekend. I’ll use this space to summarize a brief trip home to Chicago. But first, let me check the Metra website¬†to verify¬†if the trains are running on the Saturday or Holiday schedule for Fourth of July… “If you don’t know where […]

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