“Keep your left arm straight…” “Avoid the creek running down the right side of the fairway…” “How did I three-putt from twelve feet last hole…?!” “Is the beverage cart EVER going to circle back…?” Golf is a mental game and the only outlet to maintain any level of competitiveness now that I am an old, […]

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I’m embarrassed to have gone so long between entries, and am penning this blog with one foot out the door before the calendar flips over to October. I thought I would be better at keeping this up to date, and I don’t want an empty month with no content in this space. Apparently a lot […]

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I went to the grocery store yesterday. The day after the Super Bowl should have been quiet. Monday is supposed to be the worst day to go shopping. It’s the day after previous promotions have expired and before the shelves have been restocked with fresh goods. My list was short and contained many similar items I’d […]

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The California lifestyle is one of leisure and is permanently sunshine-filled. Almost every morning begins with cloud cover or foggy haze, but is soon followed with abundant West Coast warmth. Much time has been spent discussing the current prolonged drought and policies have been proposed to solve the water shortage. Any instance of rain has been […]

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