The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in THREE WEEKS. If you have been paying attention, this was not a complete surprise. While the Cubs run into October 2015 may have been ahead of schedule and caught some fans off-guard, it was clear that the team would soon be a force to be […]

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It has been two years (!!) since I packed up my Chicago suburban condo for a new life near the sun-splashed beaches of California. It is amazing to consider how quickly time has passed by and how much has changed since I left home. The Blackhawks won another Stanley Cup in my first year here, […]

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I’m embarrassed to have gone so long between entries, and am penning this blog with one foot out the door before the calendar flips over to October. I thought I would be better at keeping this up to date, and I don’t want an empty month with no content in this space. Apparently a lot […]

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I was late for work on Wednesday. I remember because it was only a week ago and I was tired and I slid my phone alarm to OFF rather than SNOOZE. Catching a few extra minutes of sleep is my favorite new habit in California, something I never practiced before moving. I woke up Wednesday in […]

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While the LONG BEACH FROM HOME does not always link to various social media, it has remained maintained a few times per month. I do not write as often as I would like… But I have filled this space with many more words than I anticipated when I started the blog. Just because I didn’t […]

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The California lifestyle is one of leisure and is permanently sunshine-filled. Almost every morning begins with cloud cover or foggy haze, but is soon followed with abundant West Coast warmth. Much time has been spent discussing the current prolonged drought and policies have been proposed to solve the water shortage. Any instance of rain has been […]

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California has a laid back, casual, relaxed reputation when it comes to work or play. Things will get done. Everything will be okay. My patient forgiving attitude is sure to fit in well here. But it may be too laissez faire even for my personality. Stuff will not get done unless we choose to participate and […]

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