Why Are You Here?

Follow along as a recent transplant from Suburban Chicago to Sunny California chronicles a new West Coast lifestyle. Beware as each entry will be full with alliteration, hyphenation, and self-deprecation.

I am a wealthy American industrialist looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru. And before I invest in this lucrative mine, I’d like to go native; get the feel of their condiments, their unmentionables, the real nitty-gritty. Actually, I’ve changed my mind… I think I’m going to build a roller coaster instead.

“All men, regardless of their origines, their wealthe, and their statione in life, are borne with certain indelible qualities: a minde that seekes knowledge, a hearte that yearnes to be free, and a meane fadeaway jump-shote.” – George Mason

Find me on the Twitters and Instagram Machine for further California-related updates; @atgarms.

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