• Where are you from originally?
  • Did you transfer here for work?
  • Do you miss the changing seasons?

These are the questions I get asked most often when it is mentioned that I recently moved from suburban Chicago to sun-filled California. I left town just in time: Flurries began falling as I packed my car before dawn on November 13. From all reports back home, I avoided another brutal mid-western winter. I remember calling home Thanksgiving morning as the rest of the family was gathered around the table for turkey dinner while I walked the shoreline building a base for my farmer’s tan.

I haven’t yet picked up the California accent or vernacular or a longing for the change in seasons. Those here on the West Coast have a romantic notion of leaves changing colors and rising and falling temperatures and having a basic sense of where we stand on the calendar. I’ll remain perfectly content enjoying 80° winter days and watching the sunset over the ocean and permanent feeling of vacation and leisure.

Late Saturday night we pushed the clocks forward and therefore ruined an evening of much-needed beauty rest. It makes for gray and gloomy mornings (temporarily) but does extend the sunshine well past the evening commute. It also gives a reason to explain two recent retail therapy-related timepiece purchases.

I can’t claim to have especially nice watches, but I do have an assortment of them. There may or may not have been previous situations where a battery ran out, and rather than having it replaced for a nominal fee, I purchased a new timepiece instead. My small display case is full of a variety of different shapes, colors, bands, materials, moods… but consolidating all of them for trade at the local pawn shop would hardly merit an extravagant prize.

IMG_1544 IMG_2136

Soon after moving to Long Beach it became clear I was lacking certain California things. I don’t yet have a pair of VANS nor do I wear a beanie when it dips below 65° and I don’t yet have enough money saved to drive a drop top. But I did splurge for a watch and wallet from Nixon. My shopping habits lean towards quantity rather than quality where I’ll race to the clearance rack and buy three ugly shirts for the same price as one well-fitting top. And if I could have a do-over, I might spend twice as much for a more sturdy Nixon. This piece is subtle, sharp, complimentary and was a decent welcoming gift upon getting settled.

Idle time at home and an open slot in the watch case allowed for another purchase. MVMT earns high praise for their full line-up of fresh, clean watches that combine simple, well-made watch faces with basic bands. It is obvious that the case is manufactured with high grade stainless steel. This is sure to be an everyday wear for casual or formal, office or beach, happy hour or tee time.

Sunday at Dodger Stadium featured a doubleheader of traditionally excellent collegiate baseball programs. The first game had Texas Christian upend top-ranked Vanderbilt. USC defeated UCLA in the nightcap to complete an impressive weekend for the Trojans. This was a fantastic event that filled the lower bowl with nearly 15,000 fans and included marching bands and cheerleaders for both local sides. TCU and Vandy escaped to California for a West Coast swing against some of the best competition in the country. The 80° day and blazing sunshine at Chavez Ravine enjoyed with a Dodger Dog increased excitement and anticipation for Major League Baseball Opening Day. Baseball season is one I will always eagerly look forward to no matter where I reside.

IMG_2154 IMG_2150 IMG_2145


A sundial is a device that tells the time of day by the position of the Sun. In common designs such as the horizontal sundial, the sun casts a shadow from its style onto a surface marked with lines indicating the hours of the day. The style is the time-telling edge of the gnomon, often a thin rod or a sharp, straight edge. As the sun moves across the sky, the shadow-edge aligns with different hour-lines. Those sundials that directly measure the sun’s hour-angle by the shadow of an edge must have that edge parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation to tell the correct time throughout the year. The style’s angle from the horizontal will thus equal the sundial’s geographical latitude. It is common for inexpensive mass-produced decorative sundials to have incorrect hour angles, which cannot be adjusted to tell correct time.

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