Perhaps the hardest part about moving to a new place is meeting new people and making friends. I’m lucky to at least have a handful of people I know living in California, but those people I know best do not live in my immediate vicinity. I traded numbers with a dude under a drunken stupor, but we haven’t yet made good on the idea of Sunday Fun Day. Thankfully, I’ve had enough minor inconveniences at my apartment that the handyman has become my most regular visitor.

I wish this was something off the script of a popular movie, but it’s really just a sad story of a handyman who comes over to repair and replace and update, but never has all of his tools or sufficient funds. I did the initial walk-thru of the apartment with my real estate agent and we pointed out all of the issues that needed attention. She then coordinated with “Mr Fix-It” to visit and make all of the necessary renovations in a timely manner.

No reason to fill this space with all of the details of this frustrating process, but my new best friend will be back on Thursday eveningย to make the next round of updates. The bedroom fan was de-wobbled; The ancient oven was inspected and the smell of gas has subsided; A light fixture was installed in the narrow walk-in closet; Soon the bathroom vanity will be replaced and I won’t have to start my day looking into a broken mirror.

…But I have started each of the last two mornings with an ice-cold shower. As if the Bears vs Saints Monday Night Football experience wasn’t frustrating enough, popping in and out of cold water with one eye open and soapy feet added to my salty vernacular. I guess this is what apartment-living is all about. No more calling the folks when the power is out or plumbing is backed up.

After this afternoon’s insurance inspection to verify the missing and damaged goods from the cross-continental transit, future projects will hopefully include assembling a television stand, rigging the kitchen table/office/IT center, and finally setting up enough elementary technology to at least sit in the lazy boy and enjoy TV. Now that I’ve got a stove that doesn’t leak gas, I will be the most dangerous thing in the kitchen and can take a break from dining out every night and enjoy the street noise from seven stories above Ocean Avenue.

Arctic Monkeying: Contrasting Visions of Canada’s Northeast

Paris in the 18th century was the hotbed of scientific cartography. But the shape of the Earth’s continents was only as definite as the next explorer’s tall tales. Clans of cartographers bitterly quarreled over how to map the sweep of newly discovered lands, and how to fill in the blanks. This quartet of four contrasting maps on a single sheet is a fossilized reminder of that disputatious era โ€“ and a curious, early example of comparative cartography… Full article HERE. (via Strange Maps at The Big Think)


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